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Schleich Wild Life 42566 Koala Mother and Baby


MPN: 42566

Schleich Wild Life 42566 Koala Mother and Baby

The Koala Mother and her baby from Schleich Wild Life love a good breakfast of eucalyptus together. Eu-ca-lyp-tus ... say that 10 times fast without getting tongue-tied!

After breakfast, the little joey hangs on tight onto his mummy's back as she carries him up into the trees. So adorable, you'll wanna perch these two at your desk or by your bedside table. Koalas have a calming effect, don't you think?

Most people never get to experience a koala snuggling encounter, but holding these two in the palm of your hand is pretty close, they're that realistic! Crafters rejoice! Our mummy and baby koala figurines are perfectly sized for Australian dioramas and other DIY craft projects.

While a koala in a eucalyptus tree is shy, a Schleich toy koala in a child's hand is the star of the show - the lead character in a gazillion stories. For even more fun, pair these adorable twosome with the Outback Adventures Playset or a Schleich toy kangaroo.

Schleich wild animal figurines for toddlers and kids introduce the limitless possibilities of storytelling and imaginative play. From realistic ocean and jungle animal figurines to our popular playsets, Schleich Wild Life lets your stories run wild. Contents: 1 x Koala mother, 1 x Koala baby, 1 x bunch of eucalyptus leaves.