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AniMagic Heart Warmers - Large Blue Dog


MPN: 919089.006

AniMagic Heart Warmers - Large Dog

Heart warmers will be your little one's new colour-changing cuddly companion.

Suitable for ages 4+, squeeze them and watch as the heart on their tummy magically changes colour in front of your eyes. There's a cat and a dog available in the large version, both sold separately. These cuties are the perfect companions for bedtime snuggles, playtime or adventures.

Your cuddly companion can heat up to keep you warm too. Ask an adult to pop the heat pack in boiling water to create a snuggly plush for bedtime snuggles. Animagic Heart Warmers have long floppy limbs that are made for cuddles.

This sensory toy is made for warm and cuddly fun, providing a tactile experience for children. Sensory toys can help develop communication, fine motor skills and creative play.