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Jiggly Pets Walking Shaking Koala - Purple


MPN: JP007

Jiggly Pets Walking Shaking Koala - Purple

Jiggly Pets Koala is the cutest walking Koala! Simply press the head to bring your Koala to life. This electronic blue Koala walks, jiggles and shakes their arms whilst playing a catchy tune!

Suitable for ages 4+, watch Koala move to the rhythm of the music! This adorable Koala is so soft to touch with stretchy rubbery face and body. It's the cutest, funniest Koala - and you'll have so much fun as you watch your Koala walk and jiggle to the music! No Koala dances more adorably than Jiggly Koala. It's the cutest walking Koala! Listening to the catchy tune is sure to make you want to dance too! Take your Koala friend with you wherever you go!