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Schleich Horse Club 42593 Caravan for Secret Club Meetings


MPN: 42593

Schleich Horse Club Caravan for Secret Club Meetings

The Horse Club comes to life - a new, secret meeting point for the Horse Club girls!

Suitable for ages 5+, the caravan adds a new, adventurous setting to the Horse Club world. It's a complete play set with figures and accessories that can all be stored in the caravan - unpack it and start playing. Many parts are functional, like the foldable table, movable shutters and doors, tiltable parasol, and pillows made of real fabric! The removable roof turns into a horse stable, and there's a secret compartment.

Pack contents (which may vary slightly): 1 x girl, 1 x Andalusian mare, 1 x squirrel, 1 x caravan 2 x paper lanterns, 1 x ladder, 1 x chair, 1 x parasol, 1 x patio table, 1 x sofa, 1 x living room table, 1 x lamp, 1 x flower box, 1 x rope ladder, 2 x winner badge, 1 x saddle, 1 x bridle, 1 x reins, 1 x halter, 1 x hay rack, 1 x curry comb, 1 x body brush, 1 x bale of straw, 1 x bucket, 1 x apple, 2 x pillows, 1 x camp fire, 1 x bottle, 2 x spit with sausages, 2 x mugs, 2 x cups, 1 x key, 1 x potted plant, 3 x tree trunks, 1 x sticker and 1 x assembly instructions.

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