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Schleich Farm World 42577 Cowgirl Team Roping Fun


MPN: 42577

Schleich Farm World 42577 Cowgirl Team Roping Fun

Lassoing a Longhorn calf ain't no easy chore! You've been practicing for hours, swinging that lariat above your head, throwing the rope, and always comin' up short!

Your arms are tired, but you reckon you'll try one last time. Giddy-up! You grip the catch rope, give a kick of the spurs, and raise the loop above your head ... and then? Where the story goes next is up to you. Can't you hear the horse's hooves thundering beneath you? Feel the thrill of roping your first calf? So realistic, you might just forget you're playing.

Every Schleich Farm World playset introduces new characters and locations to your farm stories, from lifelike horses and livestock to authentic barns and stables that make little farm lovers say "Wow!" Whoa, hoss! This ain't no ordinary plastic toy! The toy Quarter Horse figurine and the Longhorn Calf toy are hand-painted so you'll take a shine to 'em!Lasso the calf, but not your imagination - Schleich believes imaginations should run wild and free, with no silly rules to wrangle your stories.

Giddy up! This Cowgirl Team Roping Fun playset is a great gift for cowGirls, and cowboys ages 3 and up. Schleich Farm World models for toddlers and kids introduce the endless possibilities of storytelling and imaginative play. From little donkey foal figurines to big barns filled with horses and cows.

Dimensions: 22cm x 19cm x 12cm. Contents: 1 x Cowgirl, 1 x Quarter Horse, 1 x bridle and rein, 1 x Western saddle, 1 x lasso, 1 x Texas Longhorn calf, 3 x fencing elements.