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Schleich Farm World 42576 Cowgirl Barrel Racing Fun


MPN: 42576

Schleich Farm World 42576 Cowgirl Barrel Racing Fun

You enter the barrel racing arena at a full run aboard your Appaloosa, hurtling toward the first barrel. Will you go left or right?

Hug the barrel tight as you make your first circle, then race hard to the second and third barrel. The crowd roars as your mare bolts towards the finish line. You dismount, gasping for breath, and wait to hear your time ... and then? What happens next in your story?

This imaginative Schleich gift pack is perfect for young riders and horse lovers who wanna be cowGirls, or cowboys, and captures the grit and spirit of a popular rodeo event in genuine detail. It takes agility, determination, courage and strength to be a barrel racer, but our characters are loaded with those things!

Is a horse the only farm animal built for barrel racing? What if a pig, a rooster, and a llama want to try? Let 'em race! Our toys believe your stories should have no silly rules in Schleich's Farm World.

Schleich farm toys for toddlers and kids introduce the endless possibilities of storytelling and imaginative play. From little donkey foal figurines to big barns filled with horses and cows. Suitable for ages 3 - 8 years as well as collectors. Dimensions: 16cm x 14.5cm x 12.5cm. Contents: 1 x Cowgirl, 1 x Appaloosa Stallion, 1 x bridle and harness, 1 x Western saddle, 3 x barrels.