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Schleich Eldrador Creatures 70152 Shadow Dragon


MPN: 70152

Schleich Eldrador Creatures 70152 Shadow Dragon with Flexible Wings

The first sign of danger in Eldrador isn't a shriek or the roar of battle. It's the dark ... when the sunlight vanishes at midday and the air grows still.

In that eerie quiet, terror takes shape in the shadows. Black of night arcs across the sky, the haunting silhouette of an awakened legend: the Shadow Dragon! Intricately textured and flexible wings ... sinewy muscle ... razor-sharp talons ... the battle in the skies over Eldrador drips with realism.

Part of the Eldrador Creatures collection from Schleich, where creatures from the realms of Lava, Stone, Ice, Jungle and Shadow are locked in a mortal battle for the Super Weapon. What drew the Shadow World into the battle? How did it remain hidden for so long? What terrifying creatures dwell in that realm? The story goes only where your imagination takes it.

In a world of Lava Dragons and Ice Giants, of Stone Monsters and Shadow Panthers, Schleich Eldrador Creatures is erupting with characters that let your stories run wild. Invite adventure with our rich-in-detail figurines and world-expanding playsets.