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GeoSafari Jr - Explorer Scope


MPN: 5211

GeoSafari Jr - Explorer Scope

Encourage little ones to explore their world! The bright colours and functional nature of GeoSafari Jr products encourage children to get outside and explore the world around them.

Suitable for ages 3+, this 2-in-1 Explorer Scope combines both microscope and telescope! Ideal for any exploration activity such as a nature walk, Explorer Scope features soft, rubber hand grips, breakaway neck strap and perfect-fit goggles. The chunky design is perfect for little hands and features two large eye pieces, eliminating the need to close one eye.

Explorer Scope easily extends from microscope to telescope. The Microscope mode features 8x magnification for up close viewing and the Telescope mode features 15x magnification for viewing objects far away. The magnification and field of vision have been designed specifically for early years children's level of perception.

Note: Objects will look upside down or backwards in MICROSCOPE mode and this will require an explanation. Just like a real scientist, you are viewing through convex lenses, that make objects appear reversed. To view right side up, simply turn the object upside down before observing.