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Crashlings 4 Pack - Insect Crashlings

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MPN: WC71000.4300

Crashlings 4 Pack - Series 1 Insect Crashlings

Pop - Boinng - these Meteor Mutants can jump up to 4 feet high!

Suitable for ages 5+, there are over 150 Series 1 Crashlings to collect and trade across 5 unique themes. This pack contains 4 Insect Crashlings, 4 Meteors (including 2 Popping Meteors) and a Crash-Tronomy chart for you to track your collection and play games! Look out for rare Crashlings. You never know which meteor mutants from outer space you will find!

The pack, which measures 20.2cm x 16.2cm x 5.4cm is sealed and we have no idea which Insect Crashlings you will get. Our image is only an example pack.

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