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Corgi Model Club 330 - Porsche Carrera 6



Corgi Model Club 330 - Corgi Model Club 330 - Porsche Carrera 6

The Corgi Model Club represents a carefully curated cross-section of some of the greatest die-cast models ever to come out of Corgi's famous Swansea factory.

Originally only available for two years, between 1967 and 1969, this detailed Porsche Carrera 6 is typical of the high quality models Corgi produced during their 'golden era'. Whereas it was only available in white, there were two versions, with either a red or blue bonnet and doors, the latter being much rarer. The tinted clear plastic in the rear section that hinges upwards to reveal a detailed chrome and black engine was based on a similar feature on the actual car.

The red bonnet version utilised a deep blue plastic but for the blue bonnet model it was either yellow or pale blue. As was frustratingly typical for many Corgi models of this period, the box art depicted a totally different colour car, in this case, green! Corgi later reissued the red bonnet version during the 1970s Whizzwheels era.

Now brought exclusively and directly to you, thanks to Corgi Model Club's unique relationship with Corgi's owner – the illustrious British toymaker, Hornby Hobbies plc, each model includes a Certificate of Authenticity, and every order also includes an exclusive metal Corgi Tin.

Size: Length 98mm, Width:40mm, Height 23mm. Scale 1:46.