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Corgi Model Club 302 MGA Sports Car


MPN: CM1246302

Produced between 1957 and 1965, Corgi 302 was available in red, cream or metallic green. With a simple casting, typical of early Corgi Toys, it was nevertheless given a detailed interior, a rudimentary clear plastic windscreen and silver painted headlights, grille and bumpers.

Only the third sports car that Corgi ever produced, it followed the Austin Healey (Corgi 300) and Triumph TR2 (Corgi 301), both introduced the previous year. Over the course of the M.G.A.'s long production life it came in two distinct Corgi boxes, initially an early all-blue design, and latterly the more familiar 60s yellow and blue design. Over 630,000 were sold before the M.G.A.'s ageing casting was finally retired in 1965.