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Corgi Model Club 245 - Buick Riviera



Corgi Model Club 245 - Buick Riviera

Introduced into the Corgi range in 1964, the Buick Riviera was produced in gold, metallic blue and pale blue.

It was given Glidamatic suspension and Corgi's innovative 'Trans-O-Lite' front and rear lights - which can be independently operated by placing a hand over either the front windscreen or rear window. Unusually for a Corgi it came with a rear tow hook, which could be hitched to a separately available boat and trailer (Corgi 104). The model sold well on both sides of the Atlantic - over 800,000 were produced - and remained in production until 1968.

Corgi have replicated the most sought after 'wire wheels' version, as opposed to the more commonly available examples with cast spokes or plain spun hubs. The Buick Riviera and boat combination was also available as a Gift Set (No 13).

Size: Length: 110mm Width: 41mm Height: 28mm

Scale: 1:48