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Corgi Model Club 231 Triumph Herald Coupé


MPN: CM231

Corgi Model Club 231 Triumph Herald Coupé

The Corgi Model Club represents a carefully curated cross-section of some of the greatest die-cast models ever to come originally out of Corgi's famous Swansea factory.

This classic British car was modelled by both Dinky and Corgi and is the perfect example of how differently each company approached their models in the early 1960s. Dinky chose the sensible two-door saloon version, whereas Corgi modelled the rather racier fastback coupé. Furthermore, Corgi added an authentic lifting bonnet and a highly detailed engine – including a removable air filter. When you factor in the Corgi's carefully moulded red interior and 'Glidamatic' suspension, it was absolutely no competition as far as schoolboys of the era were concerned! Corgi's Herald was launched in 1961 and stayed in the range until 1965. It was available in two versions of the original car's famous two-tone paintwork - in either gold/white or pale blue/white. Just over 800,000 were made.

Length: 88mm Width: 35mm Height: 30mm. Scale: 1:44