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Corgi Model Club 215S - Ford Thunderbird Open Sports Car



Corgi Model Club 215S - Ford Thunderbird Open Sports Car

The Corgi Model Club represents a carefully curated cross-section of some of the greatest die-cast models ever to come originally out of Corgi's famous Swansea factory.

Introduced in June 1962 - with a new yellow interior, a driver figure and Corgi's famed "Glidamatic" suspension - this finely modelled left-hand drive Ford Thunderbird superseded an earlier version, originally released in 1959 (as Corgi 215). Despite being given a new red body, the box artwork stayed the same, depicting the earlier model's white exterior. Given the catalogue number 215S, the new red Thunderbird remained in the Corgi range until 1965.

There was one further subtle difference between the two models. The rear number plate on the original white version read 1959 - to denote the year of the Ford Thunderbird car on which is was based - whereas on the new red model it was blank.

Features: spring suspension, driver, seats and steering wheel. Size: Length 11cm, Width 3.7cm, Height 2.5cm. Scale: 1:48