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Beaker Creatures 2-Pack with Bio Home

$9.00 $13.00

MPN: LER3815

Beaker Creatures 2-Pack with Bio-Home

Beaker Creatures - where science meets collectables! Young learners can extract, identify and explore surprise collectable creatures from another planet through scientific play.

Suitable for ages 5+, drop the Beaker Creature Reactor Pod into water, then watch it fizz away to reveal the surprise collectable. Also included is a bonus Beaker Creature and a bio-home for magnification and storage. The pack includes a Classification Card for each creature to help young learners identify them and two mini posters with science facts and fun images to extend the learning. With 35 in Series 1, children will love building their collection! There are also five limited edition 24-carat creatures to find too. This 7-piece set includes Reactor Pod, bonus Beaker Creature, plastic Bio-Home, two Classification Cards and two Mini Posters.

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