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Treasure X Dino Gold Hunters


MPN: 41646

Treasure X Dino Gold Hunters

Treasure X Dino Gold is back - with awesome Dino Hunters to dig up and more new treasures to find through 10 Levels of adventure.

Suitable for ages 5+, the classic Treasure X unboxing dig experience has a new stone block compound to dig out and break apart! Build your special digging tool that now comes with a brush, and dig out and rescue new Dinos and a whole different collection of treasures!

This time the treasures are encased inside a fossil. Use all the parts of your tool to break open the fossil to discover your treasure inside an amber vessel. Use the golden X key to open! Search for seven different treasures in the form of mysterious prehistoric bugs! Will you be lucky enough to discover the REAL GOLD DIPPED TREASURE? There are 12 new Dino Hunters to find and collect, many with new and different finishes. Look out for Dino Hunters with crystal, stone, tar and gold finishes! Each action figure has a touch of bling. Kids will love this pre-historic unboxing adventure toy as they search and dig for real gold dipped treasure!