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Schleich Eldrador Mini Creatures Ice Robot


MPN: 42546

Schleich Eldrador Mini Creatures 42546 Ice Robot

The fearsome Ice Robot from Schleich is made of super hard ice, and covered with sharp icy points.

Suitable for ages 7+, the machine was built by the Mini Creatures to let the destroyed Ice World shine in a new light. He shatters ice blocks and builds new buildings and ice statues using his movable arms and exchangeable ice pick. But for now the good deeds are put on ice: the Ice Lord, leader of the Mini Creatures in the Ice World, wants to transform Eldrador into a deep freezer. The troublemaker, made of strong crystal, sits in the command center of the Ice Robot and gives the powerful giant free rein. With just one touch of his ice pick he can turn the other worlds into uninhabitable icy deserts: Raging lava flows freeze, the Jungle World turns to ice and the Stone World becomes a landslide.

There are four Mini Creatures to collect: Lava Robot, Ice Robot, Stone Robot and Jungle Robot. The Lord figures are interchangeable. (These replica models are created with plastic and handpainted.)