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Schleich Bayala 70743 - Llamacorn


MPN: 70743

Schleich Bayala 70743 - Llamacorn

Most llamas spit when they're in a bad mood, but not our Llamacorn from Schleich Bayala World.

Suitable for ages 5+, the gentle magic animal carefully plucks off the tips of the grass, drills small holes in the ground with its horn and then sows new grass seeds into the small holes using its skillful llama spit technique. After the work is done, it enjoys just walking around admiring the view. By the way, the stains on its legs are not dirt, they're magical unicorn glitter. The horn of the Llamacorn never stops growing.

Schleich figurines are designed in detail and look almost exactly like their animal models. Perfect for educationally valuable play, this item is part of the Bayala theme world and is suitable for children aged 5-12.