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Get To The Peak Everest Challenge Game


MPN: GEH00202

Get To The Peak Everest Challenge Game

Get to the Peak is a super fun climbing game for all the family! Climb the mountain but be careful where you put your pick axe or your opponents might make you fall!

How to play: Get to the Peak is a game of strategy and action. The goal of the game is to reach the peak with your two mountain climbers before your opponent reaches the top. The risk you take while climbing is up to you, the more secure your climbers, the safer you are, but it lowers your speed! Take turns in spinning the roulette wheel. Follow what the roulette orders you to do by inserting one foot or hand in the matching coloured hole. You have to be careful because your opponent might fall from the other side of the panel. You have to use the "break area" well, where your opponent cannot make you fall. Suitable for two players - or four with one climber each. Players take turns to advance their mountaineers up the peak. Spin the wheel and decide to advance a climber or secure their position. An exciting game of climbing action and strategy - will you advance your player by pushing your opposition off the mountain? The first player to get both climbers to the peak wins. Ages 4+.