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Corgi Model Club 334 Mini-Cooper Magnifique


MPN: CM1246334

Launched into the range in 1968, this 1:41 scale Mini Cooper was a very welcome new Mini casting, finally given features in line with other late-60s Corgi Toys.

Chief among them were opening doors, bonnet and boot, plus a detailed cream interior with tipping seats. The exterior had chrome trims, jewelled headlights and a detailed engine. However, what most remember about this detailed Corgi is its colourful striped sliding sun roof! Available in two metallic colours. blue or green, Corgi 334 was in the range for just two years, disappointingly low sales making it one of the scarcer Corgi Minis today. The casting was later revived as a "Whizzwheels" BMC Mini Cooper (Corgi 282), which was available between 1971 and 1974.