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Corgi model Club 247 - Mercedes Benz 600 Pullman


MPN: CM1246247

This 1964-issued Corgi was given a unique and exciting feature: windscreen wipers that appeared to sweep from side to side thanks to an ingenious mechanism connected to the model's rear axle.

A switch on the base turns the wipers on and off. Rather curiously, the Pullman was produced in two similar colours, a dark cerise and a burgundy. Both versions had the same detailed cream interior with rear passenger windows that could be lowered. The bumpers, grille and side strips were in plated chrome, the front headlights picked out in silver and the rear lights in orange.

In line with other Corgi Toys of this era, Corgi 247 was given Glidamatic suspension. It was deleted from the Corgi range in 1969 after sales of almost a million.