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Corgi Model Club 211S - Studebaker "Golden Hawk"


MPN: 211S

Only the second non-British car to be modelled by Corgi, the Studebaker Golden Hawk was introduced into the range in 1958, just two years after the very first die-cast Corgi Toys were produced.

It was initially available in two guises, as Corgi 211 (in blue with gold fin detailing), or as the quirky mechanised Corgi 211M (in white, again with gold on the fins). The latter was deleted after just one year, the result of disappointing sales, whilst production of 211 ended in 1960 when it was superceded by Corgi 211S.

The new 'S' prefix denoted the addition of spring suspension and it was also given a detailed red interior. Most came in a 'vacuumplated' gold or silver finish, with a much smaller number in a simpler, 'plain' gold, now highly sought after.

Now brought exclusively and directly to you, thanks to our unique relationship with Corgi's owner - the illustrious British toymaker, Hornby Hobbies plc, each model includes a Certificate of Authenticity.