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Corgi Model Club 155 - Lotus Climax Formula 1 Racing Car



Corgi Model Club 155 - Lotus Climax Formula 1 Racing Car

The Corgi Model Club represents a carefully curated cross-section of some of the greatest die-cast models ever to come originally out of Corgi's famous Swansea factory.

Nothing typifies mid-to-late 1960s Corgis like this wonderful Lotus-Climax racing car. It was a must-have for schoolboys of the era, introduced in December 1964, just in time for Christmas!

Based on Colin Chapman's streamlined design that first raced in 1962 and was famously driven by Jim Clark, this superb Corgi is painted in a classic "British racing green" livery, with a yellow racing stripe and that all important "No 1" decal. Strangely, the box illustration showed the car with a "No 4"!

Best of all, it came with a miniature driver, perfect for holding your own Grand Prix on the living room carpet! It was deleted from the Corgi range in 1975, by which time racing cars looked very different indeed.

Features: racing driver, rear view mirrors, plated spring suspension and exhausts. Size: Length 9.8cm, Width 4cm, Height 2.3cm