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Squeakee the Electronic Balloon Dinosaur

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MPN: 12310

Squeakee the Electronic Balloon Dinosaur with Headphones

Meet Squeakee - the electronic balloon dinosaur that is inflated with personality!

Suitable for ages 5+, this interactive Balloon Dino will WOW you as he comes to life, just like a real dinosaur! With over 70 interactive sounds and movements to make you giggle and scream, you'll never get bored! Squeakee Dino will BLOW you away with all the tricks he can do! You can even pay 'tug of war' and 'chicken' games with him! He loves to walk, chomp on his bone and dance to music with his headphones on.

Includes squeaker toy bone and headphones accessories. Dino loves to be tickled and he'll roar with laughter. POP Squeakee Dino and then you can 'pump' him back up again! Requires 6 x AA batteries.

WALK & PLAY: BONE SQUEAKER TOY. Squeeze and Squeakee Dino responds. one quick squeak will make him walk and two quick squeaks will make him stomp & roar!

PETTING: Pet Squeakee Dino and he'll nuzzle. Keep petting and Squeakee Dino will walk & play!

INFLATE: Any time Squeakee Dino is in a lying position (either from being popped or sleeping), you can ‘reinflate' him by pumping his tail many times.

ROAR: Squeakee Dino responds to your voice. Roar and scream and he'll roar back at you! If you roar too much, Squeakee Dino might run away scared or even pop!

TICKLING: Tickle Squeakee Dino's arms and watch him throw his head back and laugh. The more you tickle, the more hysterical he gets!

DANCE: Carefully place the headphones on Squeakee Dino's head (ensuring that they engage into both ear holes). Once in place, he'll breakdance! Do this repeatedly and Squeakee Dino will dance till he drops!

TUG OF WAR: Press and hold the bone squeaker toy to the roof of Squeakee Dino's mouth. He'll chomp down on it and play Tug of War with you! Eventually, Dino will get bored and spit the bone squeaker toy out!

CHICKEN: Quickly press the roof of Dino's mouth with your finger to play chicken. He'll bare his teeth and dare you to reach into his jaws! Be careful to remove your fingers in time or he'll chomp down on them!

SLEEPING: When you don't play with Squeakee Dino, he will occasionally roar and dance for attention. Squeakee Dino will eventually get tired and slouch. Continue to leave him and he'll deflate and fall asleep.

TIP: You can wake Dino up anytime by: Pulling his tail, pressing his mouth, turning switch from ‘ON' to ‘OFF' & then back ‘ON', placing the headphones on the head.