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Schleich Wild Life 14753 Female Asian Elephant


MPN: 14753

Schleich Wild Life 14753 Female Asian Elephant

The trunk of an elephant is extraordinarily versatile. Not only can the elephant smell really well, it uses it to suck in water, steady itself, lift trees up high, or spray itself with cool mud.

The elephant eats by wrapping its trunk around leaves and grasses, whereby it plucks them from the tree and feeds them into its mouth. A grown animal devours up to 150kg of green foliage a day. Elephants can even pronounce human-like words with their trunks. To do this, they put their trunks in the mouth and place it on the tongue. Elephants can lift objects weighing up to 300kg with their trunks.

Primary habitat: subtropical forest, shrubland and grassland. Dimensions: 13cm x 5.5cm x 8.5cm. Age recommendation 3 - 8 years.